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65-69 Holmes Road, Kentish Town, NW5

BBS has been appointed Building Control on a mixed-use development in Kentish Town. Situated on the site of the former Magnet Showroom, the project comprises the construction of a part 7, part 3 storey building with 2 basements. The first site inspection was carried out in mid-April: piling and capping beam work is progressing well. The completed building will provide 273 student accommodation units and a warehouse.

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Vistec House, Croydon, Surrey

BBS has been appointed Building Control on another major conversion and extension project in Croydon. The current 5 storey building which occupies a prominent position in London Road, will undergo a new top floor extension with balconies to the front elevation and replacement facade. There will also be 4 storey and 5 storey extension to the rear of the building, plus a front and rear basement level extension. Once complete the building will comprise 150 studio rooms and 145 sq. m. of commercial space on the ground and lower ground floors. BBS Environmental is also carrying out the SAP calculations.

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The Foreland School, Ramsgate, Kent

The latest in our list of schools projects is now complete. BBS provided the Building Control and our Environmental division carried out the BREEAM Assessment. The Foreland School, near Ramsgate, was developed under the Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Strategy and accomodates the needs of 200 pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD). The building is single storey throughout to ensure ease of access to all parts of the school for all pupils and give good access to outdoor play and learning spaces. Further information about the project is availbale on our Education Projects page.

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Otford Methodist Church, Kent

Architect: Clague LLP
Structural Engineer: S.C. Green Limited

BBS is providing Building Control on the construction of the Otford Methodist Church which has now reached roof level and is scheduled for completion in June 2017. The new church, which replaces the Old Chapel built in the mid-1930's, will link with the existing church halls. 


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Union House Redevelopment, Tunbridge Wells

Planning permssion was granted last week on the redevelopment of Union House in Tunbridge Wells.The 1960s office block will be replaced by retail units, 127 apartments and community spaces. Dandara one of the UK's largest independent property developers, purchased the existing building in 2014 from British Steeel Pension Fund. Union House is situated at the Southern end of The Pantiles, an elegant colonnaded walkway. Once the playground of the gentry and royalty, The Pantiles, with its specialist shops and wide variety of cafes and restaurants, is now a vibrant part of this historic town.BBS is currently working with Dandara on the Knights Wood scheme which is also located in Tunbridge Wells. The scheme comprises 550 new homes and Skinners Kent Primary School. BBS is currently working with Dandara on a major scheme to the North of Tunbridge Wells town centre: Knights Wood will provide the community with 550 new homes and a primary school.

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Building Regulation Changes 2017

New Approved Document R – Physical infrastructure for high speed electronic communications networks.


The Government has made a Manifesto commitment to ensure that, from 2017, 95% of the UK has access to superfast broadband. The Government is committed to making sure that the benefits of improved broadband services are felt by as many homes and businesses in the UK as possible.

The Government has proposed that Building Regulations are used in England to meet the requirements of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive and to issue technical guidance in a new statutory Approved Document. Requirement R1 applies to new dwellings and major renovations of buildings, (including buildings other than dwellings), with various exceptions including isolated buildings which are considered too remote to justify the provisions, and situations where the cost of compliance cannot be justified.

The requirement is to provide physical infrastructure within the building from the service provider’s access point to the occupier’s network termination point. Multi-dwelling buildings must have a common access point capable of service all dwellings in the building. This physical infrastructure should allow for the future installation of copper/fibre-optic cables or wireless devices capable of delivering broadband speeds greater than 30 Mbps (NB a standard copper telephone cable can deliver speeds up to 70 Mbps).

For further information on Approved Document R1, please visit:

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