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Planning Permission for Bexley College Redevelopment

A detailed planning application has been submitted for demolishing the existing college buildings and a redevelopment of the site to provide 90 three-bedroom and 9 two-bedroom houses. Also, a four-storey block comprising 93 two-bedroom apartments with associated vehicular access, parking and amenity space.

For this scheme, BBS Environmental developed an energy and renewable strategy to deliver an improvement of over 25% above the current Building Regulations via enhanced fabric and photovoltaics.

BBS Environmental, with the assistance of the design team, DHA Architecture, structured an acceptable argument to not install direct heating/CHP wthin the scheme. The GLA reviewed the submission and granted planning permission.

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New BREEAM Communities Scheme - Now Live!!

The scheme was originally launched in 2009 and has been significantly revised to take account of recent changes to the planning system in the UK and customer feedback. The BREEAM Communities helps the design team, developers and planners to improve, measure and independently certify the sustainability of developments of moderate or large scale.

The BREEAM Communities is an independent, third-party assessment and certification standard based on the established BREEAM methodology. It is a planned to be a framework for considering the issues and opportunities that affect sustainability at the early stages of the design process for a planned development. The scheme addresses key environmental, social and economic sustainability objectives that have an impact on large-scale developments only. To get most benefit from the using BREEAM Communities it is important to appoint a BREEAM Communities Assessor early in the project so the benefits can be maximised.

It has been recognised that many decisions taken during the design and planning stages of large developments will have a fundamental impact on sustainability. The BREEAM Communities covers the assessment and certification of the designs and plans for the development at the neighbourhood scale or larger. Please note that post-construction certification is not included in this assessment due to the long timescales for large developments.

To find out more about the BREEAM Communities Scheme and how BBS Environmental can help assess and certify the sustainability credentials of your scheme, please contact Johanna Jarvinen, BREEAM Manager on: 01892-891280, or email:

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Langney Shopping Centre - Building Control Appointment

BBS Building Control has recently been appointed Approved Inspector for the Langney Shopping Centre in Eastbourne, East Sussex. The £2 million, two storey complex comprises both residentail and retail units, plus a new public library. Work is scheduled to commence in the summer of 2013.

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Code Assessment Milestones!

BBS Environmental is pleased to announce that, to date, over 6,000 Design Stage and more than 5,300 Post Construction code assessments have been completed.

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New Services within BBS Environmental

BBS Environmental has been appointed to carry out the In-use Assessments and Audits for Sponda Plc. Sponda Plc has chosen the BREEAM In-Use Standard to compare their assets environmental credentials not only between different assets but also assets in different countries.

The BBS Environmental is now able to offer BREEAM In-Use audits. BREEAM In-Use standard covers major environmental issues which affect buildings throughout their operational life and is also compatible with major regulatory and corporate reporting systems including energy performance certificates (EPCs); Display Energy Certificates (DECs); the IPD Environmental Code; ISO 14001; RR (Fire Safety) Order; Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) etc.

This standard is relevant to all non-domestic commercial, industrial, retail and institutional buildings and enables provision of information about the environmental performance of:

  • The building (Asset Rating);
  • The operation of the building (Building Management Rating);
  • How Clients are managing their activities within the building (Organisational Rating);

The information will enable regulators, clients, tenants, building managers and investment managers establish the environmental sustainability of their existing buildings and/or portfolios, their operation and activities which in turn will help them to both reduce their cost and improve their environmental sustainability.

In addition to this, the BREEAM in Use is included within the BREEAM Design and Procurement and Post Construction requirements for an EXCELLENT and OUTSTANDING Rating.

BREEAM In-Use assesses the performance of non-domestic commercial, industrial, retail, retailed and institutional buildings in following areas:

  • Management: overall management policy, commissioning site management and procedural issues;
  • Energy use: operational energy and carbon dioxide (CO2) issues plus DEC, EPC and EMS;
  • Health and well-being: indoor and external issues affecting health and well-being;
  • Life safety, property protection and false alarm management;
  • Pollution: air and water pollution issues;
  • Transport: transport-related CO2 and location-related factors such as travel;
  • Ecology: ecological value conservation and enhancement of the site;
  • Materials: environmental implication of building materials used, including life-cycle impacts;
  • Water: consumption and water efficiency.

Credits are awarded in each area according to performance. A set of environmental weightings then enables the credits to be aggregated to produce a single overall score. The building is then rated on a scale of: Unclassified, ACCEPTABLE, PASS, GOOD, VERY GOOD, EXCELLENT, or OUTSTANDING. Assessment considers the core activities related to the building fabric and services. This allows buildings of any age to be compared across the range of issues to give consistent approach. This provides a valuable tool for the property portfolio manager.  In addition, management and operation is assessed to provide occupants and owners with an independent audit of the way the building is managed. The BREEAM In-Use criterion is reviewed every year.

Please Note...

The assessment is normally done by the customer; a person, business or organisation who registers a BREEAM In-Use asset. The assessor may also conduct the BREEAM In-Use assessment of the asset. The assessor can be also referred as the Portfolio or Asset Manager.

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