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Zero Carbon Hub - Consultation Report

During the past two months the Zero Carbon Hub has hosted a number of consultation events across England. The objective of these events was to hear the views of practitioners from within the construction industry on the government's 'Allowable Solutions' and 'Housing Standard Reviews' consultations. The responses to the questions posed at these meetings have now been published. The report can be viewed here.

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Part L 2013 Update Seminar - Dates, Venues and Registration Form

Following the DCLG's recent announcements on Allowable Solutions, Housing Standards and Part L 2013, and the publication of the revised Approved Documents this month, BBS will be hosting two morning seminars. These seminars will assist our clients, architects and designers, developers, contractors and builders in understanding and applying these forthcoming changes.The venues and dates are as follows:

08:30am - Midday - Tuesday, 12th November at the Mercure Hotel, Pembury, Kent
08:30am - Midday - Wednesday, 13th November at the Union Jack Club, Waterloo, London

A copy of the agenda and registration form is available for download here. To reserve your place, simply complete the registration form and return by email or fax (All the contact details are on the form). 

The cost of registration is £35 +VAT. Unfortunately, the number of places available at each of the venues is limited. Therefore, we strongly recommend reserving your place as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the seminars then please do not hesitate to contact John Barham on: 01892 893733, or email;

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Building Control - New Appointments

Due to the continued increase in demand for our Building Control services, BBS is pleased to announce the appointment of a further four surveyors. Joel Ashby and Kevin Lynch have joined our West London Team and are based at the Windsor office. Richard Serrell joins our Central Team at the Rugby office and Chris Holman is appointed to the Head Office in Lamberhurst, Kent.

BBS Building Control was established more than 12 years ago and is now one of the largest Approved Inspectors in England and Wales. These new appointments will ensure that we can continue to provide a consistent and high level of service to our increasing client base across all sectors of the construction industry. 

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Old Carterhatch Lane, Enfield

Client: Notting Hill Housing Trust
Architect: HTA Architects Limited
Contractor: Kier London Limited
Building Control: BBS Building Control Limited

Old Carterhatch LaneBBS has recently been appointed as Approved Inspector for the residential redevelopment of the former Carterhatch Lane Depot site in Enfield, North London.

The 2 to 4 storey scheme will comprise 150 new affordable houses, maionettes and apartments. All units will be built to CfSH Code Level . The project is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2015.

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Allowable Solutions Consultation Documen

The DCLG published the consultation document on allowable solutions this week (6th August, 2013). The government recognises that it is not always viable or feasible for house builders to totally reduce carbon emissions through on-site measures. Therefore the consultation document explains the principles for delivering allowable solutions and to seek comments from the construction industry on the best way forward to achieve the zero carbon home standard by the 2016 deadline. Alongside the consultation document, a development stage impact assessment document has also been published.

BBS will be hosting a series of seminars in November, explaining the latest changes to Part L and the implications for architects, contractors and house builders. The dates and venues for the seminars will be a announced in the coming weeks. To ensure that you receive further details on the forthcoming seminars, please call John Barham on: 01892 893733 or email:

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Government Unveils Changes to Part L of the Building Regulations

After months of deliberation the Government has unveiled the changes to Part L. Initially scheduled for October 2013, the changes will now come into force in April 2014.

Baroness Hanham, Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department for Communities and Local Government), in a written statement to the House of Lords said, "The Part L changes take an important and technically meaningful step towards zero carbon homes, but one that allows Government to meet its commitments to reduce the overall regulatory burden upon home builders."

Under the revisions announced yesterday there will be an uplift of 6% energy efficiency standards on new build homes on the current regulations. This falls short of the Government's original 8% target. In regards to non-domestic buildings the uplift will be 9%, a significant reduction on the 20% proposed in the consultation which closed in April 2013. The existing partial relaxation of targets for homes built off the gas grid will remain at current levels. However, the emphasis on how home builders meet carbon dioxide targets will be reinforced through the introduction of a new Fabric Energy Efficiency (FEES) Standard.

The delay in the government's response to the April 2012 consultation caused concern within the construction industry. John Alker, Director of Policy and Communications, UK Green Building Council said that the length of time it has taken the Government to publish the changes to Part L is inexcusable.

The Government's announcement on Part L changes has thrown up as many answers as questions. There are unresolved issues surrounding the consultations on Housing Standards and Allowable Solutions. However, the timetable of zero carbon new homes by 2016 is still a major goal. Further information should be forthcoming in the autumn. Meanwhile, the Government has re-emphasised its support for the Zero Carbon Hub, a non-profit company established to take operational responsibility for co-ordinating delivery of low and zero carbon new homes.

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