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Life Cycle Costing and Whole Life Cycle Costing - Technical Bulletin

Life Cycle Costing and Whole Life Costing in construction: What does it mean and how can it benefit your project? This technical bulletin explains how Life Cycle Costing (LCC) and Whole Life Costing (WLC) can be used for both new construction works and refurbishing existing assets; including how they can be used to reduce a building's lifetime costs.

Covered in this bulletin:


Definitions of LCC/WLC in construction

Why LCC/WLC are carried out

Project example, including savings potential

Who might request LCC or WLC

Where they fit into the RIBA Plan of Work

How LCC and WLC analysis is undertaken


Life Cycle Costing & Whole Life Costing for your project. Implementing Life Cycle Costing and Whole Life Costing Analysis into your project at the initial stages can reduce construction costs and maximise savings throughout a building's life cycle.

If you'd like to discuss our services for your project, please get in touch: 01892 891 280 |

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BREEAM 2018 Changes - Technical Bulletin

The BRE have now released a new and significantly altered approach to which BREEAM New Construction projects will be assessed. The new version, released on 7th March 2018, has been updated to reflect the appearance of other scheme documents. In line with previous revisions, it has also aimed to push new developments further than that of its predecessor – BREEAM 2014. Registrations closed on 23rd March 2018 and as such, BREEAM 2018 will now be the version to which all future developments will be registered and assessed. Our experts have carried out a review of the new methodology and summarised the updated criteria within this document: Technical Bulletin - Stroma Guidance Note.

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Sentry Meadow, Pelynt, Cornwall

Work has now commenced on site! Excavation is underway for the footings on the construction of 52 dwellings North West of Looe in Cornwall. The developer is Poltair Developers Limited.

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BREEAM 2018 - Register your projects before the deadline!

BREEAM 2018 is launching next month and will have an impact on upcoming development requiring a BREEAM assessment. BREEAM 2018 launches on 7th March and after the deadline of 23rd March all new projects registered with BREEAM will fall under this new version.  There have been significant changes to the scheme which will make it more challenging to meet the required target and almost certainly add cost to the project.  Please click here for further details on the changes.


BBS Environmental can register your project prior to the cut-off date of 23rd March to lock it in to the current scheme.  If you are in the position to give a full instruction for your development, that would be great, and we can register for you.  However, even if you not able to give full instruction, we can register your development under the current BREEAM 2014 scheme at a cost of £250 + VAT, which is the BRE registration fee we are charged with no mark up.  This will give you peace of mind moving forward.


If you have any questions then please contact Ellen Heulin, BREEAM Manager on: 01892 891280 or email: 

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Visit us at EcoBuild next month!

BBS will be exhibiting at the EcoBuild Show in London next month. The event runs from Tuesday 6th March to Thursday 8th March, so please come along to stand F22 and say, "Hello". Admission is free and you can register by clicking this link.

Representatives from our Building Control and Environmental divisions will be on-hand to discuss your construction projects with you. This year the BBS team is exhibiting alongside Build-Zone.

We look forward seeing you at the Excel Centre!    

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What are BIM Task Teams?

Niraj Mistry, Senior BIM Assessor at Stroma Certification, examines the role of BIM Task Teams pre-contract, during construction and post-delivery.


"Within Building Information Modelling (BIM), Task teams can provide services or goods either directly to the employer or to another party in the supply chain. This will include some Tier 1 organisations but Task teams usually comprise the technical disciplines, services and products of Tier 2 and below..." Read more

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