Building Control Complaints Procedure

  1. The complainant can contact Adam Jarvis, Operations Director, by writing to BBS BC Ltd, Head Office, Teaselwood Barn, Lamberhurst Vineyard, Furnace Lane, Lamberhurst, Kent, TN3 8LA or by telephoning BBS Building Control Ltd on 01892 891282 or by emailing
  2. Adam Jarvis will elicit all the facts and circumstances associated with the complaint and provide a response to the complainant within 5 working days of the complaint being referred to them under this procedure.
  3. If the complainant isn't satisfied with this response they will be provided with a copy of Section 3 of the "Code of Conduct for Approved Inspectors and Disciplinary Procedures" as issued by the Construction Industry Council Approved Inspector Register, (CICAIR).
  4. The complainant can then pursue the complaint by referring the matter to CICAIR at 26 Store Street, London, WC1E 7BT.
  5. The decision of the CICAIR shall be final and binding on the parties involved.
  6. This Complaints Procedure does not prohibit the complainant following the procedure laid down by the RICS if required.
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